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Visit to Olango Island

A visit to Olango Island is just 5 km east of Mactan Island near Cebu, and a short ferry ride away.  I took the family there a few years back for a day trip taking the car on the Trans-Olango Shipping Corporation which is only Ferry service.


The cost of taking the car was a bit of a rude shock considering the short distance involved.  It was comparable to taking the car on other much longer Ferry rides around the Philippines.  I suppose you get to dictate the price when you have a monopoly.

When we got to the island we did notice there were very few cars there.  I thought to myself I know why with what they charge to bring a car across.   It may however be a good thing for the island holding off the over development than many other islands have been subjected to.

Olango Island did have a peaceful untouched feel about it.  Despite the fact that most of the roads were unmade they were flat and sandy.

We were actually there visiting the island on the recommendation of one of our housemaids that came from that island and went to the place where her family lived.  Fresh fish are always one of the major attractions for me when I visit provincial islands in the Philippines.



There is nothing more delicious than fresh fish cooked over a native charcoal fire.   The charcoal is usually made from coconut shells.


My other favorite is fresh coconut juice which is called Buko.   One of the house maids relatives climbed up a tree to get some for the family.


After feasting on fresh fish and buko juice the family took a leisurely stroll along the beach before checking out the famous Olango Island Bird Sanctuary.


We did not visit any of Beach Resorts on the island so I cannot comment on them or beaches.  The beach we visited was not what you would call a resort class beach but it was still a beautiful spot.


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I have been visiting the Philippines for the past 30 years and lived here full time for the past 10 years. I have travelled extensively around the Philippines and lived in many locations. I was married to a Filipina for over 20 years and been with my current girl friend for 8 years. I have also operated businesses in the Philippines including a Dance and Fitness Studio, Restaurant, Family karaoke and disco. My background is IT and my real interest is in online marketing and outsourcing and these are the areas I currently focus on. I have made heaps of mistakes along the way and I have always enjoyed helping others and passing on my experience so that they might avoid making many of the same mistakes. - Chris Bennetts
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