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Swimming with Whales in Oslob

In early 2012 I had the experience of “Swimming with Whales”  in Oslob which is on the southern coast of the Cebu.  I was staying with a group of friends at a beach resort in Moalboal and we decided we could not pass up the opportunity to visit Oslob and see the whale sharks.

swimming with whales Oslob

He hired a vehicle from the resort and travelled to Oslob on the 14th of Feb. 2012.  Apparently the whale sharks had been there for a few months already and would soon migrate to other waters.

Local fishermen had been feeding them and soon the Department of tourism got involved.  They had set up and induction area where we were read the “Ten Commandments” on how to conduct ourselves when visiting the area.

We were provided with snorkelling equipment and then taken out about 500 meters in bagka boats (the small boats used by the local fishermen).  On the day there were three whale sharks still in the area.  We were told the biggest had left the previous week.

The whale sharks were basically going around in circles following a fisherman in a boat that was constantly feeding them with small shrimp.  There were maybe a dozen boats each with about 3 or 4 tourists already there.  We jumped in the water and watch these gentle giants swim past.

One of the commandment was not to go too close and never to touch them.  This was ignored by some of the tourists.  The closest I got was about a metre to them and the size of these creators was amazing.

The photo’s below were taken by a German tourist that accompanied us from Moaboal.  There are many better quality pictures on the web but these are actual pictures taken on the day of what I experienced.

Philippines whale shark

Whale spotting

Whale spotting

About the Author

I have been visiting the Philippines for the past 30 years and lived here full time for the past 10 years. I have travelled extensively around the Philippines and lived in many locations. I was married to a Filipina for over 20 years and been with my current girl friend for 8 years. I have also operated businesses in the Philippines including a Dance and Fitness Studio, Restaurant, Family karaoke and disco. My background is IT and my real interest is in online marketing and outsourcing and these are the areas I currently focus on. I have made heaps of mistakes along the way and I have always enjoyed helping others and passing on my experience so that they might avoid making many of the same mistakes. - Chris Bennetts
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