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Milk in the Philippines

The Philippines does not have a big dairy industry and most of the milk-based products are imported. They are also relatively expensive.

Yes Filipinos love milk and consider is to be miracle food as it was in the west last century. There has been a campaign to try to convince mothers that its better to breast feed, but if you take a look at the special sections in supermarkets dedicated to baby formula this does not seem to be working.

The love of milk does not stop with babies. Milk is being marketed to every demographic in the Philippines.   Toddlers, young children, teens, young adults, adults and seniors all special milk formulas that promise them what their bodies need to stay healthy.

In addition to the formulas and milk powders there is also “Fresh Milk” or at least what Filipinos call fresh milk. UHT (Ultra Heat Treated) long life milk is considered fresh milk in the Philippines. It is even labeled as such which would be against the law in most of the countries we come from.

Filipinos love milk

Real fresh milk is actually available in a few places. I used to buy it at SM Clark but gave up as I was tipping most of it down the drain. It seemed to go bad in less than 24 hours. Sometimes it was already bad when I opened it.

I do not know if it was just bad handling (highly likely) or they just did not have their process right, but it was just not worth it. I gave up and switched to powdered milk.

Another thing about milk powders is the Philippines is that they are full of sugar (including the infant formulas). I have only identified one that promises that it has no added sugar. The brand is Birtchtree.

About the Author

I have been visiting the Philippines for the past 30 years and lived here full time for the past 10 years. I have travelled extensively around the Philippines and lived in many locations. I was married to a Filipina for over 20 years and been with my current girl friend for 8 years. I have also operated businesses in the Philippines including a Dance and Fitness Studio, Restaurant, Family karaoke and disco. My background is IT and my real interest is in online marketing and outsourcing and these are the areas I currently focus on. I have made heaps of mistakes along the way and I have always enjoyed helping others and passing on my experience so that they might avoid making many of the same mistakes. - Chris Bennetts
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